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Our goal

Teach young and old ones to get to know these dreaded animals better and allow them to live an unforgetable moment.

Plus qu'une simple visite où l'on peut voir évoluer des animaux dans des terrariums, c'est un moment unique. Cette exposition didactique et pédagogique vous fait évoluer dans un cadre luxuriant en enrichissant vos connaissances grâce à des panneaux et fiches explicatives.


Agalychnis callidryas reptiles expo
ecoles reptiles expo

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Adult: 17 .-
AI/AVS/Stu : 15.-
Kid +4 yo: 9.-
Kid -4 yo: Free
Family pack (2a+2e) : 49.-
Supp. kid : 6.-


From monday to sunday and holydays: Open from 10am tpo 6pm.      


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Born in the USA in 2002, “Tom and Jerry” is one of a kind. This two-headed California king snake (Lampropeltis g. californiae) is one of the few snakes in the world to have survived this long with this anomaly. In the middle of nature, he would not have lasted long, but since baby we take care of him (or them) and this year he will celebrate his 18th birthday. An exceptional longevity knowing that these snakes can live about 12-15 years in captivity. A longevity record of 23 years has been set by the species. During fertilization, when there should have been two monozygotic twins, the fertilized egg split late and the two fetuses developed while being glued together by certain parts of the body. They are monozygotic twins whose first separation was incomplete. Fortunately for him, the separation was made on a part of his body which does not interfere with his life, and has no consequences on his internal organs.



 Reptiles EXPO Co-CEO

“Reptiles, a matter of passion and family. I grew up surrounded by the terrariums of the exhibition, my father took me on a trip at a very young age to help me discover reptiles in their habitat. Now, CFC of guardian of ‘animals in the pocket, I perpetuate this event with my cousin for the greatest happiness of the families.


 Reptiles EXPO Co-CEO

“Fascinated by nature from a very young age, I quickly took a liking to traveling and reptiles thanks to Michel Guillod, my uncle. After having been able to admire the wonders of nature in countries such as Costa Rica, South Africa , Tanzania, and many other destinations, it is with pleasure and passion that I have been leading this exhibition with my cousin Anthony Guillod since 2015.”


Animal photographer  Kruger National Park guide

“At the age of my first steps, wild animals, insects, birds, reptiles, mammals, captured my attention and their observation very quickly became a passion.

So quite naturally, at the end of compulsory school, I opted for an apprenticeship as an animal caretaker. I was lucky enough to be able to follow a 3-year training course at the Vivarium de Lausanne, under the direction of Jean Garzoni.”


Reptiles du Monde Founder

Over 50 years of experience with these amazing animals

“I was 14 the first time I made my first terrarium to house a viper, then, then my collection grew to the point of becoming my profession. In association with Mr. Garzoni, the first exhibitions were born in French-speaking Switzerland in 1970.

The exhibitions have not stopped running for more than 30 years, thanks in particular to my friends, without whom all this would not have been possible.

Since 2015, it has been the turn of young people to perpetuate this living museum.”


En parlant de l’équipe, comment ne pas rendre hommage à un des plus grands herpétologues de Suisse.

Il nous a quitté en 2017, en laissant derrière lui une incroyable histoire. Il a su passionner par ses récits autour du globe à la découverte de mère nature et notamment en fondant le vivarium de Lausanne en 1970.

Sa vocation était de démystifier ces créatures craintes et mal comprises, une mission qui continue à inspirer cette exposition.

Merci à lui.



 Radar Fribourg TV show                      november 17 2020


Actu Vaud TV show, 1st of August 2019



Is Reptiles Expo suitable for small children?

Absolutely ! Steps are available for families for the little ones.


Are dogs allowed at Reptiles Expo?

Yes, if kept on a leash.

Do you provide discounts for groups?

Yes. We have a special discount for groups of more than 10 people.

How long is the visit to the park?

The visit lasts approximately 1 to 2 hours.


Should we book?

No, there is no need to book your tickets in advance, you can come directly to the entrance to buy your tickets.

For any further information:

078 974 40 37


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